" /> WaterBOB®: emergency drinking water storage

What is the waterBOB®?

How does it work?

Why do I need the waterBOB®?

How much water does the waterBOB® hold?

Where is the waterBOBĘ made?

What about odd shaped bathtubs? Is a bathtub needed to use the waterBOBĘ?

How long can I store water in the waterBOB®?

What if we need to store the water for more than 16 weeks or I have well water?

Is the waterBOB® re-usable?

How long does it takes to fill the waterBOB®?

How do I get the water out of the waterBOB®?

What is the waterBOB® made of?

Why can’t I store water in the bathtub without the waterBOB®?

In what emergencies would I use the waterBOB®?

Why is it called waterBOB®?